When They Come True by Sarah Fleming Mountford

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When They Come True by Sarah Fleming Mountford
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Learn About Our Project:

The sequel to #1 best-selling Ghost Story and Paranormal Romance on Amazon, When They Come Calling by author Sarah Fleming Mountford.

A strange illness ravages the countryside while Dr. Anna Roberts struggles to recover from her own near-death experience.    

She's in love with three-thousand-year-old ghost, Jedediah, but his alliance with a Council of ancient spirits frightens her. Can his allegiance be trusted?  

Haunted by her dreams and driven by her calling, Anna is torn between the worlds of the living and the dead. Is she a healer or an executioner? Will Anna be able to protect those she loves from her nightmares when they come true? 

When They Come True is the sequel to the best-selling paranormal thriller When They Come Calling by author Sarah Fleming Mountford. It is the second book in the exciting Anna's Nightmare Series.

  • An exciting modern-day ghost story!
  • Progressive themes, diverse characters, LGBT friendly.
  • No grotesque violence or graphic sexual content.
  • All printed copies will be signed by the author.
  • Great rewards including name-a-character and special hardcover editions.
  • You will get your book rewards early, before the public release date.
  • Opportunities to beta/proof read Advance Reader Copies before the book release.
  • You can get signed copies of both books in the series.

But I haven't Read the First Book!

You can pick up a copy of When They Come Calling today at all major online retailers, special order a paperback in your local indie book store, or better-yet, get a signed copy or e-book within this Kickstarter! These copies will be sent as soon as the Kickstarter is successfully funded.

Reviews of When They Come Calling:

  • "There is SO much more to this story than just ghosts…surprisingly enjoyed the bit of romance…descriptions of places, characters, even of the ghosts and weather were fantastic…I truly felt a part of the setting and could envision every single chapter as if I was in the story myself." - The Suspense is Thrilling Me
  • "You'll be captivated till the very last page…Dark. Engaging. Very well written. If you are a fan of the show "Ghost Whisperer" then I would definately recommend this book." - SerialReader's Reviews
  • "Super(natural) start to the new Anna's Nightmare series." - Amazon Top 1000 and Vine Voice Reviewer Cheryl Stout
When They Come Calling Amazon ranking on 6 Oct 2016
When They Come Calling Amazon ranking on 6 Oct 2016



Sarah Fleming Mountford is a native of Kansas City, proud to have lived on both sides of State Line Road. When They Come True is Sarah's second published novel. In addition, she is a published expert in the field of radiology business management. She is also a reluctant soccer mom, rescue dog owner, and avid hiker. Follow Sarah on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, and on the Atthis Arts website.


 Atthis Arts, LLC is the proud publisher of the Anna's Nightmare series.

We are an independent publisher that follows the Partnership Publishing model. Unlike traditional publishers, Atthis Arts strives to keep as much of the creative control in our author’s hands to produce the story that the author wants to tell while still providing professional and peer feedback to ensure a quality story. Our model uses crowdfunding to market and pre-sell titles in order to raise the funds necessary to produce a quality book.

Want extra copies? We think they make great gifts. Just add the following amounts to your pledge, we will collect all of the details later:

  • Add $17 plus shipping (see below) for each additional paperback copy (either book)
  • Add $60 plus shipping for each additional When They Come True limited edition hardcover copy.
  • Add $100 plus shipping for each additional Combined Hardcover edition.
  • Add-ons do not include additional e-books or hardcover acknowledgements.
  • Shipping (per book): $5 US, $18 Canada, $25 International
  • New: Audio-book edition of When They Come Calling, add $10 to your e-book, paperback, or paperback bundle pledge (already included in higher pledge levels at no additional cost), see 3 Nov update for details.

The base funding goal will cover our costs to produce the e-book and print editions, but we'd really love to turn Anna's Nightmare series into audio-books!

If we reach $5000, we will produce an audio-book edition of When They Come True. 

For this stretch goal, we'll add:

  • New reward level: Audio-book edition (will include the corresponding e-book)
  • All rewards at the $60 and higher levels will include the audio-book edition. 

The base funding will allow us to produce a professional book. There are three areas that the minimum funding will go towards to ensure we create a quality product::  

  • Paper/Printing/Binding -- Known simply as PPB in the publishing business, this is the physical construction of the printed books. 
  • Editing -- We use multiple external editors to provide developmental, line, and copy editing to ensure this exciting story becomes a well-produced book. 
  • Author Royalty -- As a partnership publisher, we believe in compensating authors fairly for their hard work.